Stance before Opinion


In Austria the FPÖ (a rightwing populist party) became one of the strongest parties within the last years and is now part of the government. During the regional and municipal council elections in 2015 a group of activists from Vienna stood up against their politics and initiated an online campaign to raise their voices and show their faces for what they believe in. They started as a small group of friends, uploading funny videos to spread their message whilst showing that politics can be fun. The videos and the associated hashtag #immernochbesseralsstrache went viral and more and more people joined the movement. The film gives an insight into the activists motivations and discusses questions of freedom of speech, sense of community and ones role in a democracy.

HALTUNG VOR MEINUNGDocumentary Short, 2017


A film by Michaela Resch

© Michaela Resch, 2017