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Becoming a (m)other


What does it really mean to be a mother? Do you have to be a woman? Or is it about something else?

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PLACE is transforming the public narrative of newcomers as burdens on society to actors and creators in their home.

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Anna-Lise Marie Hearn is an award winning choreographer, movement director and dance teacher from London. She searched for some more work-life-balance and found it in Berlin.



Valerie Natascha Djurhuus is following her biggest passion: rapping. She feels completely herself when empowering young people through her hip hop theatre projects.



Asaf Luzon is an illustrator from Israel whose funny animals and fairytale figures make Berlin an even more colourful place.



Myra Moreta is a musician, a teacher and the owner of Wellstrung guitar shop. She works to create a community around her shop where you can meet music lovers from around the world.



Femi Oyewole is exploring the arts in Germany’s capital, creating concepts for experiential events and working for the Blue Man Group Berlin.

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